preview-of-e2809cwelcomee2809d1            GUIDES  FOR  TACKLING  THE  DANCE

          Of course it is important that you have the feeling of melody and its changes of tonal level. If you have learned Yoga balancing, or handstand,  or both, that is even better. The idea is to maintain your balance at rapid pace.  You must get used to swirling around and not to get dizzy nor be concerned that once you swirl around in rapid pace you won’t see the details as everything appears as a blur before your eyes.  You must have total control of your legs.  At times your crotch is separated.  Other times the crotch meets.  In both cases it is important that the sex eggs are kept in order, always  upward, so you won’t crush them as your legs move together.  The seam in the aerobic pants is placed between the eggs, to separate them apart so they are not squashed together.  No underpants can be worn as they will cause damage to the skin, blisters, and possible infection. The sweat at this area, being profound, causes danger to the skin,  sex eggs or testicles.  The Penis should be placed in upward position lest it moves down and interferes with the eggs.  If it moves down, then just lift it up again to its proper position. Gloves are worn to help against injury, if falling.  Proper shoes, light aerobic shoes are best.  If any amount of liquid is found on the floor, the dance has to be terminated.


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